Most people who have heard the word Camembert before will think of the soft, creamy French cheese that realtors will sometimes put out when they have parties to help them sell condos for sale in Oshawa. But did you know that Camembert cheese is called Camembert because it was named after the town in which it was first produced? Not many people do! If you're curious about the town of Camembert or perhaps looking for a more unusual place to visit on your next vacation, this website will tell you all about Camembert and what you can do there.

The village of Camembert, France is located in the Orne department of the lower Normandy region. The village itself is a commune, which doesn't mean the same thing as it means in North America. In North America, a commune is a co-operative communist community in which residents share equally the benefits of their work, usually on farmland. A French commune, on the other hand, is simply the smallest level of incorporated community. A Courtice dentist might know it as a village, hamlet, or town. The word commune refers not to the size of the population but to the way it is administered.

Camembert has the distinction of being known as the largest small village in France because it's tiny population of less than 200 people are spread over an area of ten square kilometers from the center of the village. This is unusual for a French commune, which tends to feature a contained cluster of homes and businesses around a town center. This is unlike North America, where detached homes in Mississauga are spread out as far as possible because they were built in an age where cars made transport to distant stores and neighbors very easy.

Camembert's other major distinction is, obviously, that it is the home of Camembert cheese. It was invented there in 1791 by Marie Harel, who was the first to take unpasteurized cow's milk, inoculate it with mesophilic bacteria, add rennet, allow it to coagulate, and then spray it with a suspension of mold which ripens the cheese for three weeks. Her creation was based on a priest who came from Brie, a town that produced another soft cheese. The cheese became popular when it was issued as rations to French troops, who introduced it to their allies. As a result many people keep Camembert on the sills of their windows in Oakville.

Visitors to Camembert can see cheese being made, sample cheese, tour the house of Marie Harel, and visit the cheese museum, which is shaped like a Camembert round and located in the center of town. There is also a cycling race between Camembert and Paris in April. Should you decide to take a vacation from doing web design in Burlington, Camembert is a nice, quiet, quaint place to visit. It is located near the English Channel, which makes it a quick trip from southwest England or London. It is about 200 kilometers from Paris, which makes a weekend or day trip possible.

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