Bedroom design


Useful Tips Such As The Small Bedroom Can Appear Quite Large

Housing is scarce, because he is always expensive. Often the bedroom on the track remains. Because you're here only asleep, it is smaller than for example the living room and has sometimes a bad cut. But also small bedroom you can get out quite a bit, if you follow the following tips and trick.

Small bedroom design can be really out flow

Bright colors

Already in the standard equipment of the bedroom can be first turnout, which ultimately will decide how big the small room later actually works. The smaller the room, the brighter the wall paint or wallpaper be. Dark tones may seem although stylish, press enormously and make the space even smaller as already.

Bright white is then too sterile in the bedroom, which accesses just delicate pastel tones, which exist from each color. Who wants a pattern, which uses vertically running strips, which are optically stretch the space. By the way, also the other components of surfaces such as curtains or bedding should be not too dark.

Smaller bed

Space is limited, the bed must be just smaller. Clearly, who lives alone, needs no double bed. But also pairs perfectly sufficient a 1.40 x 2.00 meter bed in the rule. If one puts together it will anyway romantic and warmer.

Bed without bed frame

There are infinitely many bed models. Many look great because they have decorative elements such as a colored used bed frame. A bed frame but robs valuable space in small bedrooms. Rather choose a bed without a frame, where the mattress flush ends. This purist beds are often also more noble and more modern.

Design tricks visually enlarge the small bedroom

Across place bed

Often, bedroom as small rectangles are cut. Classic is in the bed, it fills almost the entire room. If the bedroom is wide enough, then you can think about that to add bed Cross (directly under the window). If you sleep alone, this is easily possible. For two, it would be better, if the bed still on the foot end is reachable, so one must not continually rise over the other. Cross asked beds also create a cosy atmosphere, because they have what by nest building.

Bunk bed

Bunk beds are already long not only to find something for and have long not only in youth hostels. Who has high ceilings, for example, because he lives in a historic building, or anyway, one bedroom has two levels, who should seriously consider this option. While up to sleep, is under such space for a small office with desk.

Solutions are only a part of the designer sliding doors and mirrored surfaces

Bed with drawers

Beds on legs look great, because the ground is visible. In small bedrooms is storage space but always rar, that's why you should decide rather to a model with drawers, advise the space designer of lifestyle. It is almost unbelievable how much in the large drawers under the bed fits. Who once could have this storage space, which wants to refrain from ever again.

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