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The canopy bed curtain belongs already since antiquity to the bedroom. This accessory has lost today not in importance. In our today's article, the speech will be from its modern interpretations. For many people, it constitutes an integral part of the furniture design of the bedroom or guest room.

What is the curtain on the four-poster bed? This is simply a slatted curtain. It can be mounted to the bed frame, or on the ceiling. As a material, usually choosing wood or metal. Stand on the rustic look? Select then rough wrought wood! Would you rather invite the exoticism to his home? Then opt for bamboo!

There are no specific rules for the curtain fabric. On the contrary: you have a great freedom in this respect. In practice, this means that the four-poster bed with curtain can ideally enroll in the various interior design.

The canopy bed curtain will show strong presence in your bedroom. Therefore, you would need to integrate this very carefully in the Interior. If you have a small room, we recommend to install the curtain from the ceiling. This avoids the fragmentation of space: it will appear not so small than it is actually.

Would you increase the space visually? Opt also for long curtains, the 1 or 2 cm lying at the bottom.

In a wide and high room, we would recommend a slat on the four-poster bed even then. The height should focus on the size of the other large pieces of furniture in the room.

The slatted frame of the canopy bed curtain can be partly attached to the wall. This provides additional comfort.

The modern design ideas and innovations will not pass on the four-poster bed with a curtain. For example, there are many models in which the laying out of the fabric panel around the bed around automatically.

Play with the forms

The examples of canopy beds with curtains to prove that these offer plenty of scope for individual solutions. It is important that you practically proceed with the planning of your bedroom. Here we have a small checklist which could help you with that:

Metal bed frame

Which material is right for my interior design?

The slatted frame on the ceiling or on the bed frame itself be attached?

The slatted frame to the wall be fixed?

What forms fit well with my current interior design: round, square, irregular?

Which fabric suits my interior design?

Should he be hung single-layered or multilayered on my bed?

The curtain of the sky bed on request complete privacy should give me or I rather wish me a purely decorative Variant?

Suitable for the contemporary interior design

Should the canopy bed curtain seem rather romantic, classic or traditional? Or I prefer a modern, minimalist version?

Is important to me the automatic mechanism for laying out of the curtain or manual service enough?

In any case, the four-poster bed ensures comfort and creates a welcoming atmosphere. That's why we encourage every reader to realise such an idea!

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